WatermarkTM Sensor Reading Calculator

Step 1. You must first select soil texture from the menu.
Step 2. Input WatermarkTM sensor centibar readings at the various soil sensor depths.
Step 3. Check your inputs before you click 'Calculate' button
1. Select Soil Texture (see right>)
Please select soil texture

Use Tab key to move between boxes, and backspace key to remove zero.
2. Input WatermarkTM Readings:
1-foot depthA value is required. Invalid format.
2-foot depthA value is required. Invalid format.
3-footA value is required. depth Invalid format.
4-footA value is required. depth Invalid format.

When all inputs are yellow, click:

Only These Soil Texture Types Are Currently Calibrated for the WatermarkTM Sensor:

Silty clay loam: Silty clay loam topsoil, silty subsoil (e.g., Sharpsburg)
Silt-loam: Silt-loam topsoil, clay loam subsoil (e.g., Keith)
Upland silt-loam: Upland silt-loam topsoil, silty clay loam subsoil
                          (e.g., Hastings, Crete, Holdrege)
Bottomland silt-loam: (e.g., Wabash, Hall)
Fine sandy loam
Sandy loam (e.g., O'Neill)
Loamy sand
Fine sand: (e.g., Valentine)

Click below to view helpful information:
Table - WatermarkTM sensor centibar reading versus soil texture water (inches).

Click below to learn more about using:
WatermarkTM Granular Matrix Sensor to Measure Soil Matric Potential for Irrigation Management.

Source: Irmak et al. (2006)

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