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Three Reasons why Soybean Planting Date Matters
Early planting pays
CropWatch: Soybean production & pest management
New Soybean Crop Model (SoySim)

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SoyWater Team

jim ken
James Specht, Ph.D.
Charles E. Bessey Professor of
Agronomy and Horticulture,
Soybean Genomics and Physiology

  Kenneth Cassman, Ph.D
Heuerman Professor of
Agronomy and Horticulture
Director, Nebraska Center for Energy Sciences Research

jessica   jessica torrion
Jessica A. Torrion, Ph.D.
Post Doctoral Research Associate

  Tri Setiyono, Ph.D
Post Doctoral Research Associate

suat   hubbard
Suat Irmak, Ph.D
Associate Professor
Biological Systems Engineering
Soil and Water Resources Engineering, Microclimate-surface interactions
  Kenneth Hubbard, Ph.D
School of Natural Resources
Former Director of the High Plains Regional Climate Center(1987-2009)

Access to the Weather and Climatic Data : High Plains Regional Climate Center
martha   bill
Martha D. Shulski, Ph.D
High Plains Regional Climate Center

  William Sorensen
Systems Applications/Systems Programmer
High Plains Regional Climate Center

Stonie Cooper
Systems Manager
High Plains Regional Climate Center

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