Soil Classification Aid (There is occasional database updating, so inform us if it is not working properly)

Use this format for entering an address: 1241 County Road L, Mead, NE

Use the arrows at upper left to move the view. Use the Plus or Minus buttons to zoom in or out. You can also use your mouse to "grab" the map and move the view that way. Click on the Hyb or Soil buttons to replace the soil map units (yellow lines) with road or street names or vice-versa. Refer to the map unit legend box on the right to identify the soil texture that corresponds to the yellow map symbol number. The area (Acres) refers to the soil map unit areas displayed in the view frame, so zoom in or out as needed.

Type Your Field or Rural Home Address Below In Map

Map Unit Legend
Technology Source/Access: UC Davis Soil Resource Laboratory. Details can be found in (D.E.Beaudette and O'Geen, 2009)
Soil Database source: SSURGO, NRCS

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