Direct funding support for the creation, development, and current maintenance of SoyWater as a fully functional website was provided via a research grant submitted to and approved by the Water, Energy and Agriculture Initiative (WEAI). WEAI is jointly funded by the Nebraska Soybean Board, Nebraska Corn Board, Agricultural Research Division of the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, and the UNL Nebraska Center for Energy Sciences Research, with funding support from the Nebraska Public Power District. Website server, meteorological database, and other maintenance support for SoyWater were (and continue to be) provided by the High Plains Regional Climate Center. We also thank UNL Extension Educators Keith Glewen, Jennifer Rees, Gary Zoubek, Dave Varner, and Aaron Nygren for providing us with their perceptions and suggestions when they performed a trial run of near-final version of the 2010 SoyWater website. 

The 2010 SoyWater Development Team

James E. Specht - Lead PI - Agronomy & Horticulture - UNL

Kenneth G. Cassman- Co-PI - Agronomy & Horticulture - UNL

Jessica Torrion - Postdoc Research Associate (Programmer) - now at Montana State University

Tri Setiyono - Postdoc Research Associate (Programmer) - now a crop Modeler/Scientist in IRRI

Suat Irmak - Collaborating PI - Biological Systems Engineering - UNL

Martha D. Shulski - Collaborating PI - School of Natural Resources - UNL

The 2017 SoyWater Update Team

James E. Specht - Co-PI - Agronomy & Horticulture - UNL

Haishun Yang - Co-PI - Agronomy & Horticulture - UNL

Srikanth Maturu - Graduate Student, Computer Science

Babak Samani - Software Engineer at Science Systems and Applications, Inc.

James Chengchou Han - Data Scientist at The Climate Corporation

Dharmic Payyala - Software Engineer at Sagewell, Inc.

Natalie Umphlett - Collaborator, School of Natural Resources

William Sorensen - Collaborator, High Plains Regional Climate Center

Jamie Lahowetz - Collaborator, High Plains Regional Climate Center

Stonie Cooper - Collaborator, State Climate Office